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Posted on 2014.05.08 at 11:49
i have decided to do the 28 day water challenge ! all i have to do is drink a minimum of 3L of water a day. today is day 2 and its very easy.
The only adverse effect if having to pee a million times a day.

at the end of the first week i will show the before and after to see if there are any small changes in my complexion.

here are 10 reasons why you should drink more water!

1. Increases Energy & Relieves Fatigue
2. Promotes weight loss
3. Flushes Out Toxins
4. Improves Skin Complexion
5. Maintains Regularity
6. Boosts Immune System
7. Natural Headache Remedy
8. Prevents Cramps & Sprains
9. Puts You in a Good Mood
10. Save Money!



figuring out what works

Posted on 2014.02.25 at 21:34
soi have 10 days now until my trip and thank the heavens, ive found what works for me :)  I have always been a big breakfast and lunch person and never really cared for dinner. So ive decided to skip dinner until my trip. I know its not considered healthy to doI have just completed my second day of skipping dinner and i have successfully one pound a day. This means that the 6 pounds i want to loose still will easy happen within the next 9 days.

This just so happens to be the bikini i want and the body i want to achieve .

On My Journey

Posted on 2014.02.24 at 10:25
11 days and counting. My progress so far is small. I have not yet lost any weight, however, my body is gettting tighter. And for the first time, my butt is beginning to take on a good form!

I now need to focus more on what i eat, as that is my biggest issue. I need to cut my calories in order for my muscle tone to show through the layer of fat.

photo (6)

Time to get serious

Posted on 2014.02.13 at 08:24
I officially have 3 weeks, and 1 day until I leave for Mexico!!
No more messing around, i need to get my sh** together and shape up.

From now on, i will be posting my calorie inatake and my workouts daily.

I would like to lose 7 pounds.  (110 pounds)

My current inspiration is Danielle knudson. She is the new guess campaign model and is absolutely stunning.

Danielle Knudson - Zeugari Swimwear Photoshoot-05


the ugly truth

Posted on 2014.01.12 at 21:25
Date and time - 915 pm January 12th, 2014
Weight - 118.8 lbs
goal weight and time - 110 lbs by Feb 14th 2014

photo (3)
photo (4)
photo (5)

update and new obsession

Posted on 2014.01.12 at 21:00
I love having this page to come back to when ever im feeling inspired. This is my page and i can talk about what ever i please. I feel like everyone should have their own page because we cant always talk about everything with our friends and family.
So i suppose that  I should start off with an update on my fitness routine and bodily changes.
  Im currently up in my weight, at 119 pounds . (probably why i felt the need to post on this page again ).
  I have recently gotten back into going to the gym again consistently
  Since the new year, ive began juicing fruits and veggies, which im happy about because even though i may be taking in the same amount of calories as I normally would, I finally am feeling as though i have more energy and am feeling healthier.

Here are some recent photos of me (115 pounds)

My current goal weight is yet again 110 pounds.  however, i want it to be a fit 110 pounds, which i find a lot harder to achieve because you have to trim the fat and build muscle and still lose weight.


Fit for life

Posted on 2013.05.30 at 11:49
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Current Music: Stevie B feat Pitbull - Spring Love
ever since school ended and my relationship with my ex fell apart, ive been finding myself at the gym a lot more. I enjoy doing the group classes like body attack , body step and cxworx. I realized that i need to stop looking at the scale and instead, focus on fat loss. Yes I still weight the same as i did in my last couple posts however, I fell and look much better. Today i plan to go see how much body fat I have and from there, I will set my goals. I wish i hadnt lost the paper that said my body fat from 3 weeks ago. But thats okay. I am going to start now. I plan to post pictures of parts of my workouts on here too!
Also, I have started using a belly wrap to decrease my belly flab so i am going to be reviewing how I like it once ive been using it for a few weeks. So far so good though!

Killing it on the stair stepper

Starting over!

Posted on 2013.05.15 at 10:53

They're skinny and i know it

Posted on 2012.01.23 at 23:07

Feb 16 2012!

Posted on 2012.01.23 at 19:53
Current Mood: accomplished
Current Music: Thinking About You- Frank Ocean
Let the countdown begin ! I have 23 days to shape up and bring my weight down.  

Highest Weight - 132
Current Weight - 117.2
Goal Weight 1 - 115
Goal Weight 2 - 112
Goal Weight 3 - 109  - Want to achieve for vacation
Ultimate Goal Weight - 105

This picture is exactly what i want. I dont even need to post any other thinspos!

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